Dork Sun

Burning Man, pt 1

Peace, Love and Sweaty Hugs in the Desert

The party members agree to stick together outracing the storm and make for Tyr at the prompting of Aramil and others. As the party travels across the desert though Gortek goes missing, the rest assume he succumbed to his wounds.

Meanwhile Agaroth and Orrhem have a chance encounter at an oasis and agree to make their own way towards Tyr.

Both groups of adventurers meet near the boundary of the Alluvial Wastes south of Tyr. Sensing no ill will, they decide to band together in their trek across the wastes. They soon encounter a stand of petrified trees and Agaroth (?) spies something odd hovering in the middle. It reveals itself to be a fire elemental scrawling questions in the sand with a flaming appendage.

Aramil is able to converse with the thing after Aklatl’s failed attempts to send his own elemental spirit to confront it. The party learns that the elemental is trapped in the present time and in this petrified grove. It is actually from the “Green Times” of Athas’ past. It pleads for assistance to return to the Green Times, but then disappears after warning the party moments before an attack by wild kanks.

The giant insects seize several party members in their mandibles, inflecting serious wounds. The party manages to kill one and bloody the other two soldier kanks.



DMAddison mundiel

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