Dork Sun

Hejkin and Bandits

Filthy, dirty creatures in the desert. And NPCs.

The party manages to finish the fight with the kanks with few further injuries and decides to leave the fire elemental to its own fate before the storm or any other danger can catch up with them.

They find a mesa further into the Alluvial Wastes that seems like a reasonable place to camp for the night. Unfortunately as morning approaches a swarm of hejkin crawl down the mesa in ambush. The party is not caught by surprise and fights them off, even finding their hidden lair with a fresh water spring and in which the hejkin were holding a dwarf captive (Name?).

The dwarf is a miner and reveals that the hejkin have made their lair in an ancient elven lord’s barrow. The party finds the secret tomb and uncovers magical leather armor given to the shaman Aklatl and (? I forgot what the second item was and who got it).

(? I was falling asleep, why’d we go to the village? Did the dwarf tell us?)
The party then makes their way to a dusty village on a path through the Alluvial Wastes and in short order has picked a fight with the local gang lord masquerading as the sheriff of the settlement. The party prepares for a fight…



DMAddison mundiel

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