Dork Sun

An Obsidian Storm

And Multiple Near-Death Experiences

The campaign opens with the party members all part of a caravan outside of Altarek, either as passengers, slaves or guards. An obsidian storm rises up suddenly and the caravan master Jorvik and others are killed. The only survivors are the party members huddling in the rapidly collapsing caravan.

They agree to make a break for it together after grabbing provisions to survive their race across the desert. As the party members are grabbing their last supplies they’re ambushed by a party of silt striders. They manage to kill many of the striders, but in the process Aklatl, Gortek, and Aramil (?) are knocked unconscious, Gortek critically so. Aklatl’s supplies are stolen.

The silt striders retreat having scavenged sufficient provisions, leaving the party to recover and heal in the almost completely destroyed caravan.


DMAddison mundiel

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