Druid (Guardian) Goliath


An imposing figure, even for a Goliath, Orrhem speaks little. His head is frequently shouded by a cloak that he uses to protect himself from the harsh desert sun. He dresses simply, in hide armor and rough fabrics that were clearly hand-made.

Reserved and calm, Orrhem keeps a protective eye always on his companions. Though strangers may see his placidity as condescending, those close to him know that part of him is constantly struggling to maintain control over his wilder aspect.

Born into a druid circle that protected a remote desert oasis, Orrhem grew up a child of nature. Though he was close to his mother and father, as well as his two younger brothers, he was raised by the whole of the circle. He began his apprenticeship as an initiate in his late teens, and showed much promise. However, his Wilder powers began to manifest. Afraid of his powers, he kept them secret until a day when he was left alone with one of his younger brothers. After a sudden surge, he wasn’t able to control his psionic energy which lashed out at his brother. The energy manifested as an surge that caused mortal wounds to his brother. Though he had no control over the power, Orrhem was ostracized for his crime of fratricide, and cast out into the harsh desert. It was only by luck and his cunning that he was able to survive.

Now Orrhem wanders the desert, healing corruption where he can. He seeks to protect those two he comes to trust, and especially seeks to shelter young children, as he sees aspects of his brother in them.


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